Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, University of Central Florida, 2013 - present

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, West Virginia University, 2010 - 2013

Research Assistant, Center for Applied Optimization, Industrial and System Engineering Department, University of Florida, 2005 - 2010

Research Assistant, Automation Department, Tsinghua University, 2002 - 2005


("G" denotes graduate courses.)

University of Central Florida

ESI 6938, Stochastic Optimization: Models, Algorithms and ApplicationsG, Spring 2016.

ESI 6418, Linear Programming and ExtensionsG, Spring 2015, Spring 2017.

ESI 6247, Experimental Design and Methods, Spring 2018.

ESI 5306, Operations ResearchG, Fall 2013, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2017.

ESI 4312, Operations Research I - Deterministic Methods, Fall 2016, Fall 2017.

ESI 4313, Operations Research II - Stochastic Methods, Spring 2018.

ESI 4221, Empirical Methods for Industrial Engineering, Spring 2014, Fall 2014.

ESI 3032, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Fall 2015, Fall 2016.

West Virginia University

IENG 593G, Nonlinear ProgrammingG, Spring 2012.

IENG 350, Introduction to Operations Research, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012.

IENG 446, Facility Planning and Material Handling, Spring 2013.

University of Florida

Instructor, ESI 4567C, Matrix and Numerical Methods, Summer 2009, Fall 2009.

Instructor, EIN 4354, Engineering Economy, Spring 2009 (169 students).

Teaching Assistant, EIN4354 Engineering Economy, Fall 2008.

Teaching Assistant, CGI2421 Computer Programming C++, Summer 2008.

Teaching Assistant, ESI6942 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization, Spring 2007.

Teaching Assistant, EIN4343 Inventory and Supply Chain System, Spring 2006.

Teaching Assistant, EIN4221 Industrial Quality Control, Fall 2005.


Feb.2002 to Sep.2002, System Design and Software Engineer in Sino-Electronic Future telecommunication Company Ltd, Beijing, P.R. China. I was responsible for the software design of the power-on initialization, phone status settings, and SMS (Short Message Service) modules using C and C++ language.