Lauren Reinerman-Jones

Secondary Joint Appointment in Industrial Engineering

Room: Partnership II: 306A
Phone: 407.882.1140
Email: lreinerm@ist.ucf.edu

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· Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008

· M.A. in Human Factors/Experimental Psychology, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2007

· B.A. in Psychology, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2004

· B.A. in Communications, University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio, 2004


Lauren Reinerman-Jones, PhD is the Director of Prodigy, which is one lab at the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training, focusing on assessment for explaining, predicting, and improving human performance and system. She is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of human factors experts, computer engineers, modelling and simulation students, and industrial engineers. Specifically, Dr. Reinerman-Jones emphasizes skill evaluation and improvement recommendations. As such electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (ECG), transcranial Doppler (TCD), functional Near-Infrared (fNIR), and eye tracking are used independently and in combination, synchronized with one another and with simulated and live environments. Our real-time physiological logging capability enables closed-loop human-robot teaming and intelligent tutoring. Our post-hoc data processing tool allows gigs of physiological and survey data to be compiled into an Excel spreadsheet in minutes for analysis. A variety of simulation environments are available through Prodigy. The Northrup Grumman VIPE system (7 feet tall, 120 degree viewing area) has been employed in an international collaboration with astronauts, philosophers, and art historians to investigate experiences such as awe and wonder in a simulated space environment employing neurophenomenological methods. Dr. Reinerman-Jones also runs the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Human Performance Test Facility, thereby housing a full physics-based nuclear power plant main control room simulator enabling team assessment. A partnership with the Air Force has enabled accommodation of the RESCHU, ALOA, and IMPACT simulators for investigating stress, fatigue, resilience, transparency (trust), and multiple entity control performance during unmanned aerial vehicle operation. The Mixed Initiative Experimental (MIX) testbed and the Experimental Platform for Instrumentation and Controls (EPIC) are award winning simulated environments developed in house, but used throughout the world. Several robots and communication interfaces have been developed and are used for human-robot teaming experiments. Prodigy runs between 500-1000 participants per year, both UCF students and field studies, for funded programs. Dr. Reinerman-Jones has over a hundred publications and is on the board of a variety of journals and conferences.