Gathering Lab, IdeaLab, and Innovation Lab Concepts to be Implemented

eli2, directed by Dr. Timothy Kotnour, has been awarded technology fee funding to construct new labs that will further their mission "to help students discover their burning desire and confidence to create, innovate, collaborate and deliver world-changing solutions". The project spearheaded by eli2 creative director, Dr. Robert Hoekstra, will implement three new laboratories to be constructed in the Engineering 1-2 atrium to satisfy the need for an environment that teaches and encourages creativity at UCF.

Senior Design Team Success!

The Spring 2014 semester had ten Senior Design teams working on real world industrial engineering projects for industry partners, such as Siemens, Publix, Florida Hospital, and Northrop Grumman. Each team consisted of approximately six students and this semester College of Business students worked hand-in-hand with Industrial Engineering students to solve a variety of project deliverables for the first time.


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