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Famous/Successful Alumni IEMS



Dr. Hani Aburas Mayor of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Ali Ahmad Lead Researcher, Design Interactive, Inc.
Dr. Adedeji Badiru Head, Systems and Engineering management Department
Air Force Institute of technology
Shannon Bartell Director, KSC Safety & Mission Assurance,
Dr. Timothy Barth Systems Engineer in the NASA
Engineering and Safety Center
Beth Cerrato Associate Director, JSC Engineering,
Ms. Loreen Choate Construction Project Manager, overseeing the $120 million I-4/SR408 Interchange project
Florida Department of Transportation
Major Kevin Cochie
Deputy Director, Systems Integration & Maintenance Office, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment,
U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel
Raymond Compton
PdM for WIN-T Inc 1 (Warrior Information Network - Tactical Increment One), an ACAT 1D program and the second largest program behind FCS. Former director of the RDECOM STTC.
Dayana Cope, Phd Manager, Advanced Analytics
Walt Disney World
Dr. Andrew J. Cowell Senior Research Scientist/Team Lead
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Dr. Jeffrey Dawson Lead for data analysis and trending and also acting as a contract manager for an IT contract
NASA Safety Center in Cleveland, Ohio
Dr. Rey Diaz Chief, Business Systems Branch for the Center Operations at NASA Kennedy
Space Center (KSC)
Dr. Robert E. Douglas Vice President, Systems Analysis,
DRS Technologies
Ms. Susan Eitelman Dean Senior Scientist at Applied Research Associates
Major Greg Fortier Army Experimental Test Pilot, Aviation Applied Technology Directorate. Major Fortier also won the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School CDR Willie McCool Award as most outstanding pilot and student based on pilot skills, test planning ability and academic performance. U.S. Army
Dr. Gary L. Johnson Technical Manager, Mission Integration and Operations Office, International Space Station Program
Dr. Adam Maamoun Quality Assurance Engineer/Manager, Manufacturing Technology Incorporation
A Subsidiary of BAE SYSTEMS, Modernization & Sustainment Division
Dr. Jessica McLaughlin Orbiter Project Office Principal Fluids Engineer /Technical Assistant
Dr. Karla Moore Assistant Professor and managing research oriented to Government Efficiency
Engineering Technology Department at UCF
Dr. Lucy C. Morse UCF engineering associate professor emerita. Chair of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the City of Winter Park and teaches at UCF part-time.
William Parsons former Director, Kennedy Space Center,
Dr. Leah Reeves Director, Human-Technology Integration and Assessment
Adjunct Sr. Fellow, Center for Neurotechnology Studies
Adjunct Faculty (beginning Jan 2009), Georgetown University Medical Center
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Christopher R. Reid, Ph.D. Human Factors Research Engineer,
US Army Natick Soldier Research Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC)
Mr. Sean Rosell Mechanical engineer doing support equipment design.
Lockheed Martin on the Fleet Balistic Missile program at Cape Canaveral AFS
Dr. Greg Schow Senior Manager, Program Management Mission Systems,
Lockheed Martin MS-2
Tarek Shaalan, PhD, CSSMBB Assistant Professor, Nile University
School of Business and School of Engineering
Nicole Stott NASA
Vanessa Stromer Chief Information Officer
Lt Col Eric Tucker Assistant Professor, Department of Management,
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Gamal Weheba Associate Professor, Wichita State University and Fellow, American Society for Quality
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