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Harris Engineering

BSIE Program Mission:

To produce industrial engineering leaders who design and improve operations in industry, business, and government for the global economy of the 21st century. Specifically, we seek:

  • To provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to assume challenging jobs in leading private and public organizations, pursue advanced studies, or start-up their own businesses.
  • To provide employers with graduates who are technically competent, have basic management and inter-personal skills, and ability to professionally grow and develop their careers.
  • To provide the society with graduates who conduct themselves professionally and ethically and who appreciate the impact and importance of their work on society.


IEMS embodies an esprit de corps that engenders innovative and influential teaching, research, and partnership that are sought by students, faculty, industry, and research agencies, both national and internationally.

IEMS Points of Distinction

  • Students have developed Advanced Interactive Simulation Models in the Lockheed Martin Synthetic Learning Laboratory, A State-of-the-Art facility equipped with SMART Classroom Technology and Advanced Computer Simulation Workstations.
  • The Virtual Environments facility provides the technology for students to develop strategies to prevent Cybersickness and evaluate Human Performance.
  • The Advanced Simulation Laboratory has the technology and software tools that are being used to build simulation models that analyze the Space Shuttle Operations and Terrorist Activities.
  • Students have worked with Health Central to improve many factors for the Hospital to improve Operations and Processes for Patients.
  • Students worked to design future Crew Restraint Systems for the International Space Station with NASA.
  • Student have done Design Projects with Lockheed Martin, DISNEY, FRITO-LAY, USA.
  • Undergraduate Students from this department have successfully pursued graduate education at Stanford, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M University, and many strong academic programs.